The Storm and Rebuilding

During Hurricane Matthew we had a pipe entering the house leak into my studio and we sustained a fair bit of water damage. My husband, sons, and I moved everything we could to higher ground and hoped for the best. We have seen the devastation east of us from flooding and we feel so fortunate that we can repair my studio walls and floor and replace the pieces of furniture that were lost. I have been out of my studio for a little over three weeks and I miss creating. I can't wait to get back to work. I had laminate floors but have learned through this experience that they certainly don't hold up to water at all. My studio is in a daylight basement so I have opted to go with having the concrete ground down, stained, and epoxied. That is happening right now and I'm getting really excited about the final outcome. We have been through three weeks of destruction, and waiting so I am thrilled to start seeing the repair portion of this adventure starting to take shape.