Renew and Refresh

I go to a monthly metalsmith's meeting that discusses all sorts of business and art topics and issues. This past Monday we discussed ways to renew your creative force. One of the ways that struck me was to take a workshop outside of your chosen vocation. At the moment I don't have the time to run off and dive into a workshop but I do have an amazing friend who happens to be a potter with her own studio. So I ran away for a day. I tried the wheel. When I was a kid I had a play kitchen outside. I made mud everything. Mud cakes and pies. Mud burgers. I also carved bowls out of soapstone. I'll admit when I first touched the wet clay it felt a little gross but then I felt a connection to that little girl that played in the mud. I then worked on a little hand built octopus to add to my cup. Of the two processes I preferred the sculptural aspects of hand building. Molding the cold clay into a little life form was meditative. My thirteen year old son is taking pottery classes in school and he came in and gave me some hints and tricks. It was a nice moment to see him take charge and become so self assured. It was a perfect day. I had no expectations. No goals. I just played.