Heading Back To Las Vegas

In two months I head back to Las Vegas for Winter Market. I learned so much at my first market last Summer and have plans for improving my space for this one. I’m so used to doing temporary wholesale that there were a few details that escaped me. The walls, oh the walls. My space has two very tall, very white, walls. So much blank space. That much white does not become a soothing place to rest your eyes. It becomes a lost opportunity.

So in the past few months I have been working on some pretty awesome lifestyle pictures of my work. I then made them all into 12” x 12” wall decals to stick to the walls in my booth. The plan is that it will draw buyers into my space to see the actual pieces close up and personal.

Next, I felt like the space needs so much more personality. I’m recovering all of my shelves in a grey weathered wood. I’m adding accents of weathered wood, moss, and dried grapevines. I’m adding accent lights on all of the shelves with little copper LED string lights. All of these elements are in the lifestyle photos and will make she showroom and catalog into mirrors of each other.

I’m excited about all of these changes and how they will come together to tell the story of my work. Oh, and then there’s the new large green rug…it really ties the room together.